OFO Award for Plover Lovers hard work

“Tonight [Sept 24, 2016] at the Ontario Federation of Ornithologists Annual General Meeting in Kingston, the Plover Lovers hard work for their efforts in trying to help the rare and endangered Piping Plovers was recognized by OFO. Norah Toth received the award on their behalf. Congratulations to all of you for your efforts. We are proud to know you and happy that you, our friends, have been recognized. for your dedication in trying to assist this wonderful bird.” ~Fred Jazvac


A note from Norah:

“I should qualify this. I am only one of 5 committee members (Aubrey Fergusony and Cheryl Wile Ferguson, Lynne Richardson and Catherine Dickison) who have dedicated themselves to ensuring that the Piping Plovers at Sauble Beach have the best opportunity to contribute to the recovery success of the Piping Plover on the Great Lakes.

There were also many volunteers who spent valuable time talking to the public and making citizen science observations. Without these volunteers, all the efforts of the committee would be unsupported and unfruitful. The on the beach volunteers, some of whom were members of the OSFN, and our volunteer coordinator, Jenna Skinner, need a huge thank you from all of us.” ~Norah Toth

Congratulations from the Owen Sound Field Naturalists to the Plover Lovers Committee and entire team, for receiving this well-deserved recognition from Ontario’s Birding Community! The OSFN Club also received a similar award several years ago, and the Plover Lovers have made a concerted effort to continue in this worthwhile endeavour. If you want to learn more about the Plover Lovers, head to their website:

Plover Lovers