Notice of Bylaw Review & Revision at AGM

Government legislation is requiring changes to the Bylaws for not-for-profit groups and charities. 
The Annual General Meeting will be held on June 8, 2023 at 7 pm at the Bayshore Community Centre, Owen Sound. In order to be prepared for the Update to the Bylaws and the institution of new Club policies, please read the message below from Club President, Brendan Mulroy and review the Bylaws in advance of the meeting.  The policies that have been adopted by the Board are listed below. The Agenda and Club reports for the AGM will be sent out closer to June 8th.

Dear Members:

In order to comply with government legislation, your OSFN Board has undertaken a review of the club bylaws.

Download the PDF of Proposed changes.

I ask that you review this document in advance of the June 8th meeting.  If you have any questions, suggestions or revisions with regard to the document, please send them to me prior to the meeting at:

The document will be presented at the June 8th AGM, whereupon membership will vote whether to accept the revised Bylaws of the Owen Sound Field Naturalists.

Thank you,

Brendan Mulroy, President

On behalf or the members of the Owen Sound Field Naturalists, The Board of Directors has adopted the two policies listed below.

OSFN Code of Conduct:
All members of OSFN have the right to feel safe, and be safe, when participating in OSFN events.  With this right comes the responsibility for everyone to be accountable for their actions.

All members have a responsibility to promote a safe environment.

No member shall engage in activity that endangers the safety of other club members.

All members are to be treated with respect and dignity.

All members have a responsibility to resolve conflicts in a way that is civil and respectful.

Any member who does not adhere to this member Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the event, at the time of the infraction.  Repeat violations of the Code of Conduct may result in revocation of the individual’s membership with OSFN.

OSFN Screening Policy
The obligation to Duty of Care can be accomplished by adopting a screening process that identifies individuals who may be considered a risk to certain segments of society.  In particular, these individuals may pose a risk to the Vulnerable Sector Person group.

OSFN members who are in regular contact with youth under the age of 18 or with other vulnerable sector participants, and/or act in positions of authority and trust in club activities, will be required to undergo a Vulnerable Sector check with their local police group.

In particular, the leader and assistant leader of the OSFN Young Naturalists group must undergo this screening.  In addition, the President and Treasurer of the club will be subjected to a police check.

The results of the Vulnerable Sector Screen or the Police Check will be shown to the President by the applicant.  The President will confirm there are no issues of concern.  The President will advise the Secretary that the volunteer has been screened for documentation in subsequent minutes.  The original form is returned and retained by the applicant until such time that they cease to be involved with OSFN as a volunteer/board member.  They will immediately report to the President if there are any offences that have occurred after the initial screening.  They will also sign a Criminal Background Declaration on a yearly basis. This will be submitted to the President.  Information gathered from the screening process will remain private and confidential.