A new Nature Link – Grey Bruce Woody Plants

My interest in botany developed late in my life.  I decided to specialize in the woody plants considered native to Grey and Bruce Counties.  I have been volunteering at the Inglis Falls Arboretum for ten years now.  There are approximately 174 woody plants that are considered to be native to Grey and Bruce Counties.  At the Inglis Falls Arboretum we have a walk along which we are attempting to establish samples of each of these species. (Please come for a visit sometime.)  We are in the process of populating this web page with pictures and audio. Our goal is to make visits to our many local natural areas more interesting and educational.  This app should work on any platform (eg apple or android).  It is also a client side app meaning that it will work without access to the internet by first downloading the files onto your device.  This app can also be adapted to any plant set (orchids, ferns and so on) as well as, perhaps, to a student project.  In working at populating this app, I am finding out how much I have still to learn about my chosen specialty.  Therefore, to some extent, I beg your indulgence.  My email address is bill@greybrucewoodyplants.ca  if there are comments, questions or suggestions.   Bill Moses