Rare & Endangered Species of Grey & Bruce Counties

Rare & Endangered Species of Grey & Bruce Counties
This book is a guide to the provincially rare, vulnerable, threatened and
endangered species of  vascular plants and vertebrates known to occur within
Grey and Bruce counties.  Eighty-seven species are described in detail.
Mention is also made of several other provincially rare species for which
historical records exist, are likely introduced, or the record is

Grey and Bruce is home to a great variety of naturally occurring habitats,

some of which are provincially rare.  For a number of reasons, some of the
species that inhabit these Grey and Bruce counties are also provincially
rare.  All of these species are important components that contribute to the
area’s overall high biological diversity.  It is extremely important that we
properly manage these habitats to ensure healthy ecosystems for us all.The four ranking systems that are applied to wildlife in Ontario are
described in detail. This includes definitions for each category of global
rank – G1, G2, G3; COSEWIC status (special concern, threatened and
endangered); provincial or sub-national rank (SRANK) – S1, S2, S3; and MNR
status (vulnerable, threatened and endangered). [See sample page]. This
ranking is provided for each provincially rare species showing known
distribution and sources for reference at the time of printing in 2004.
Species status often changes, so it is always best to check with the Natural
Heritage Information Centre (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources) to
determine current designations.
Detailed information is provided for 7 fish, 5 reptiles, 14 birds, 1 mammal,
and 58 plants. Also included are the Butternut tree and the Monarch
Butterfly, that have been common until recently, but are species of
increasing concern. The information provided for each species includes an
explanation as to why the species is in decline, local distribution, local
habitat, behaviour, and a detailed description for identification purposes.
Also included is a drawing or photo of each species, a  geographic township
map showing known distribution, sources for further reference. Readers are
encouraged to report any sightings of provincially rare species to the
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (Natural Heritage Information Centre).This book is available from the Ginger Press <maryann@gingerpress.com> and
other local book stores.
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