First Book of Ontario Wildflowers

First Book of Ontario WildflowersThe First Book of Ontario Wildflowers is self-published by an Owen Sound Field naturalist member – Joan Crowe. Three other club members contributed photographs – Marg Gaviller, Merle Gunby and Walter Crowe. Three photographs taken by the late Lottie Chapman, who was a long time resident of this area, were also used. In all, 180 species are described with colour pictures and another 90 species mentioned. This is a very small proportion of the total list of flowering plants for Ontario.

The aim of this book is to help those newly interested in wildflowers to find out how to tackle the job of identification in a systematic way by learning the features that have to be examined and, also, to begin to understand how plants have been grouped into families by botanists. Approaching the subject in this way, enables the mind to cope with the diversity and complexity of the plants one encounters.

Consequently, many of the flowers described in this book are non-native species that beginners are likely to find along roadsides and in other disturbed areas, for example, flowers such as the clovers and buttercups, Chicory and Wild Carrot. The importance of Latin names is emphasized and the confusion that can be created by common names is pointed out.

There are also many relatively common native species included that are found in a variety of habitats throughout Ontario. Some species that are classified as rare, either provincially or globally have also been described. Particularly in our area, it is not difficult to find flowers such as the Dwarf Lake Iris or the Lakeside Daisy which are said to be rare because they are endemic to this area and are not found elsewhere.

The introductory sections provide general information about orchids and how to identify them. A key for identifying the listed species is included, as well as a table of the species in order of flowering time. This book will also be useful in most parts of Ontario and adjacent states. It was reprinted with a few revisions in 2005.

The book has a spiral The book has a spiral binding so that it is easy to open in the field and the pages stay flat. Hopefully, by using this introductory book, interested naturalists can go on to develop their skills and be able use more advanced books.

Author: Owen Sound Field Naturalists

***Currently Unavailable – Reprint expected Spring 2021***

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