Exploring An Urban Forest: Owen Sound’s Heritage of Trees

Exploring An Urban Forest: Owen Sound’s Heritage of Trees
The aim of this book is to encourage people to recognize the trees
surrounding them. With greater appreciation, an understanding of their
importance to the community will develop and, hopefully, this will encourage
residents in the future to make every effort to maintain this urban forest
in a healthy condition.

The book includes sections on the history of the urban forest and its
values, how this project began, and the relationship of Owen Sound’s urban
forest to the natural forest regions of Ontario.

Some 87 trees and large shrubs are described, of which 41% are not native to
North America; 10% are Carolinian; 6% are native to North America but not
native to Ontario or the Carolinian Forest; and the remaining 43% are native
to Grey County. Many publications are currently available to help readers
identify native species, but very few are available to identify non-native
or introduced species which are typically found in urban areas such as Owen
Sound. This makes this publication very useful and not only in Owen Sound.
Most cities in eastern North America have planted the same species.

There is a written description of each species. Key identification features
are bolded. Background information is given for each tree such as uses of
the wood, how named, and preferred habitat. Sometimes specific addresses are
provided where good examples can be seen. Also included with permission are
many photos and line drawings of leaves, needles, fruits, flowers, etc. from
“Native Trees of Canada” by Hosie and “Trees in Canada” by Farrar.

An identification key has been developed for the book to allow
identification to be undertaken in a systematic way.

Another attribute is the inclusion of 4 walking tours of Owen Sound. These
are complete with detailed maps and street names and addresses where
excellent examples of the various tree species can be seen first hand. All
trees can be viewed from the street without infringing on the privacy of

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