Winter 2018, President’s Message

Following in the footsteps of Kate McLaren is not easy.

The OSFN has been approached by Nature Conservancy of Canada to provide financial support for the protection of a 100 acre property on the Saugeen Bruce Peninsula. The Dyers Bay West property contains habitat for a number of species at risk, and is a critical connection in an area with a high concentration of conservation lands.

Their description states: “This property is relatively open and borders forests dominated by Jack Pine, Northern White Cedar and Balsam Fir. Although the property supports many other species, globally rare Dwarf Lake Iris dominates the forest floor. The globally rare and threatened Hill’s Thistle is also found on the property, along with a number of provincially rare species, including Purple-stemmed Cliff-brake, Northern Dropseed and Round-leaved Ragwort.”

The Board will be reviewing our options and keeping OSFN’s mandate in mind as we evaluate this request.

The Board has been really pleased with the active program put together by John Dickson. As usual, it is quite varied. No matter who you are, you will find something of interest. Make sure you attend some of them. A reminder, that John puts this program together by himself and it would be helpful for there to be a team who could work together. Is this something you would consider doing?

Most indoor sessions this fall have been pretty well standing room only. John, through a variety of presenters, has provided us insight into art, provincial parks, Metis history and forest health in order to address many aspects of our natural world. Again, thank you John for ensuring that we have a well-rounded program to challenge and educate us.

I welcome Julie Lamberts to the Board. Julie is new to the Owen Sound area and with her background in conservation and administration, will be a great asset to our Board.

There are many ways that members can contribute to the club and support and enhance our natural resources. It might be joining Bill Moses as he takes the initiative to reduce the impact of invasive species in the area, stewarding a property or helping Neighbourwoods North with tree planting activities; and I know that Norah Toth appreciates articles and photos being submitted for the newsletter. In the newsletter and on our website you will find a list of which Board member oversees which activity. Give them a call or send them an email.

Gordon Toth