Summer 2018, President’s Message

Did I say what a great privilege it has been for me to be the OSFN president these last two years? Did I say how much I appreciate the support of the board of directors? Did I thank the volunteers, speakers and leaders who provide so much enrichment to our club? Have I described to you the wonderful times I’ve enjoyed in meetings and on hikes? Did I mention how much I have learned? (Refuting the “old dogs, new tricks” myth….)

If you attended our AGM and wonderful pot-luck supper in June, you’ll recall the struggle the Board had, trying to convince someone to be our president. It’s an issue with other organizations I am a member of and apparently it’s a problem with organizations all over the province. Even in the largest groups of effective volunteers, it’s a challenge to recruit leaders. Although that provides some form of reassurance that we’re not alone in this, it really does pose a serious question: how do we sustain the club if nobody is willing to assume some of the responsibilities? I hope all of our OSFN members will consider their own ability and willingness to step up when the need arises.

Using a tactic I believe is called “railroading” we did fill the vacancies on the board of directors.

I have promised our incoming president, Gordon Toth, that I will do my best to help him if needed. Gord had agreed earlier in the year to serve as president if, and only if, we couldn’t get anyone else to do it. So be nice to him!!! Gord’s a long-time member with a quiet strength I’m certain you will all appreciate. He’s been serving on the OSFN board for several years bringing his own experience to the table and he knows what terrific support the club and its directors will give him.

Pam Kinchen, a relatively new member but an experienced naturalist has accepted the role of vice-president, giving her time to become acquainted with the functioning of the board and our organization as a whole.

With Melanie Worth and Chuck Mitchell joining the team, we’re going to have an excellent year ahead!

My experience with this robust organization has strengthened my faith that Nature will endure, despite our human meddling.

Now, go outside!Kate McLaren