George Peck: Life Member

George Peck Since 1966 George, a former veterinarian, has been the coordinator of the Ontario Nest Records Scheme (ONRS) for the Royal Ontario Museum where he is a Research Associate. During this time the number of records in this database has increased to well over 100,000. As part of his ONRS work, George has produced over 30 annual reports and participated in numerous field trips across Canada. In 1970 he was part of the team to document and photograph the nesting birds of Polar Bear Provincial Park at Hudson Bay.

George Peck  Life Member Owen Sound Filed NaturalistsThroughout his long career he has made a stunning photographic records of nests, eggs and 653 species of birds in North America. His photographs may be found in numerous books and magazines. He is the author of several children’s books about birds and their nests in addition to his more formal works on that subject. George also provided all the information on birds contained in the OSFN’s book Rare & Endangered Species of Grey & Bruce Counties.

He has led numerous local field trips for club members and is active in the Huron Fringe Birding Festival at Port Elgin. His other accomplishments include:

  • Co-author of Breeding Birds of Ontario: Nidiology and Distribution: Nonpasserines
  • Co-author of Breeding Birds of Ontario: Nidiology and Distribution: Passerines
  • Recipient of the Distinguished Ornithologist Award from the Ontario Field Ornithologists (2001)

George was presented with a Lifetime Membership Award from the Owen Sound Field Naturalists at the December 2006 meeting.