OSFN’S Annual Around the Bay Waterfowl Outing

You couldn’t have asked for a more spectacular day for the “Birding the Bay” of Owen Sound with Peter Middleton leading.  The bay was like glass and the light was perfect for observation. Most of the species seen were close in and gave excellent looks.
– Common Loon
– Horned Grebe
– Red-necked Grebe
– Double-crested Cormorant
– Great Blue Heron
– Canada Goose
– Snow Goose
– Mallard
– Greater Scaup
– Lesser Scaup
– Common Goldeneye
– Bufflehead
– Hooded Merganser
– Common Merganser
– Red-breasted Merganser
– Cooper’s Hawk
– Bald Eagle
– American Coot
– Herring Gull
– Great Black-backed Gull
– American Crow
– Black-capped Chickadee
– Snow Bunting
– American Goldfinch
Number of species seen – 24