Bruce Birding Club Outing – Wed. April 7/10

The day started out in humour as we intended to look at waterfowl and there was a deep fog in our birding area particularly on the water.  Never- the- less with smiles on their faces and shaking their heads our leaders marched on.   Eventually the fog lifted after our midmorning coffee break.  Overall we had a good day in terms of sightings (60 species).  Best birds of the day were Rusty Blackbird at the McGregor Tower and good looks at the Red-bellied Woodpecker and Cooper’s Hawk at our last stop. The day was cool overcast and with moderate winds. Lunch was at Backwater Eddies in Paisley.

For a list of the birds seen and their locations for this outing or to have a bimonthly report of the birds seen by the Bruce Biridng Club sent to you, make your request known at

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