Bruce Birding Club Outing – Feb. 17,2010

In the frozen rivers and water front of the Bruce, we managed to find 11 species of waterfowl today, thanks to the Sauble River (Sauble Beach) which does not freeze because of the fast flow of the water and Colpoy’s Bay (just north of Wiarton)which is too large to freeze entirely. We saw 4 bald Eagles and three of them were in the vicinity of the Sauble River mouth floating up and down on ice flows. We also had 4 Common Ravens, 3 in the town of Wiarton and one in a tree munching on left over bird.

The weather was overcast with temperatures ranging from -3 to 0. Winds were only felt when standing on the waterfront. If you wish a full report on today’s outing with the locations of where the birds were seen, please contact   If you wishg to receive the bimonthly report of the Bruce Birding Club’s outings automatically, please make your request known to the same email address.