Bruce Birding Club – Nov 2nd, 2016 Outing Report

Submitted by the Bruce Birding Club, a fantastic resource for birding in Bruce County.

Participants: 22

In birding, it’s the time of year when birders search for waterfowl. Thank you, Lynne for leading us on our once a year trip to Thornbury / Collingwood, an area which we enjoy visiting, in our quest for ducks. Thank you, for your planning, organization, and acquiring admission to the waterfowl-rich Thornbury Lagoons, which are generally closed to the public. Our emphasis was on waterfowl habitat, and we were certainly not disappointed seeing 18 different species. Land birds happened along the way, as we traveled through seven different water environments, giving us a total of 41 species for the day. It was a fun filled day, where we enjoyed each other’s company, as we discovered birds that happened to come our way.

The weather was a cool with a high of 13 C, moderate winds with mixed sun and cloud.

Also, a thank you goes to Judy who kept the bird list for us.

Areas Visited:
1) Behind Bridge’s Tavern
2) Thornbury Lagoons
3) Clendenam Dam
4) Collingwood Grain Elevators
5) Collingwood Marina
6) Princeton Shores
7) North Winds Beach

• Canada Goose (CANG)
• Mute Swan (MUSW)
• American Black Duck (ABDU)
• Mallard (MALL)
• Redhead (REDH)
• Ring-necked Duck (RNDU)
• Greater Scaup (GRSC)
• Lesser Scaup (LESC)
• White-winged Scoter (WWSC)
• Bufflehead (BUFF)
• Common Goldeneye (COGO)
• Hooded Merganser (HOME)
• Common Merganser (COME)
• Ruddy Duck (RUDU)
• Common Loon (COLO)
• Horned Grebe (HOGR)
• Red-necked Grebe (RNGR)
• Double-crested Cormorant (DCCO)
• Great Blue Heron (GBHE)
• Great Egret (GREG)
• Possible Cooper’s Hawk (COHA)
• Red-tailed Hawk (RTHA)
• American Coot (AMCO)
• Greater Yellowlegs (GRYE)
• Bonaparte’s Gull (BOGU)
• Ring-billed Gull (RBGU)
. Herring Gull
• Great Black-backed Gull (GBBG)
• Rock Pigeon (ROPI)
• Mourning Dove (MODO)
• Belted Kingfisher (BEKI)
• Blue Jay (BLJA)
• American Crow (AMCR)
• Common Raven (CORA)
• Black-capped Chickadee (BCCH)
• American Robin (AMRO)
• European Starling (EUST)
• Dark-eyed Junco (DEJU)
• Northern Cardinal (NOCA)
• American Goldfinch (AMGO)
• House Sparrow (HOSP)
41 Species seen.