Blue- Gray Gnatcatcher, Red-shouldered Hawk and Nesting Great Horned Owls

The day had some surprises with some excellent birds seen and heard on the Bruce Birding Cub outing on Wednesday, April 21.  A look at the pair of owlets shortly after the Great Horned Owl flew off the nest was priceless.   The American Woodcocks showed up on schedule yet again doing their wonderful mating flight.  Surprises in the birds seen were the Red-shouldered Hawk that was heard in the Brucedale Conservation area, the Blue-gray Gnatchatcher that greeted us at MacGregor Point PP as we entered on our way to the Tower and the enjoyable flight of the Sandhill Crane witnessed by all over pasture land.  Northern Flickers just kept on coming all day long, obviously involved in a major migratory flight on this day.

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