A Gray Jay? No! It was a Northern Shrike!

Dian’s update:  The bird I saw was NOT a Gray Jay but an immature Northern Shrike.  It DOES have a hook on the end of its beak and a barred chest indicating an immature, plus the tail is not as long as that of a Gray Jay and the head shape is very different.
Dian Wood said a few days ago:
“A Gray Jay just landed at my feeders!  Are there other reports of Gray Jays around the Bruce Peninsula?”  (Presumably this was on Jan. 7.)
Fred Jazvac in response says,  The Gray Jay is listed as vagrant with no more than 10 records in the last 10 years. “  
Perhaps someone (like James?) could tell us when the last one was reported.
Dian says she tried to get her camera out too get a picture but the bird flew away.  Her camera is ready now in case it shows up again.   She wanted this posted to us, so someone else might get to see it.
Thank you, Dian.