1000’s of Tundra Swans – Bruce Birding Club Report

The Bruce Birding Club (BBC) on Wednesday, March 17  went to Grand Bend with the goal of seeing the 1000’s of Tundra Swans that gather there each year to rest, fatten up and then fly over Lakes Huron and Superior to get to their next resting place in Manitoba.  They  were there literally by the thousands in their usual place on Greenway Road.  The other 2 target birds were the Tufted Titmouse and the Red-headed Woodpecker  which can be found in Pinery Provincial Park.  The Tufted Titmouse is an easy find at the Visitor Centre but the Red-headed Woodpecker disappointed this year.  Apparently the bird has not been seen this winter according to park officials.

For a full report of this outing and locations of all the birds seen by the BBC or if you wish to receive the bimonthly reports of the Bruce Birding Club please email birding@owensoundfieldnatualists.ca  and make your request known.