URGENT – Sauble Plovers

osfnlogoThursday night’s strong show of support for the OSFN to formally defend the habitat of piping plovers, along with conservation of dune ecology was very inspiring!

This is a Call to Action!

What if every one of us took a few minutes to send messages to all members of South Bruce Peninsula council?

Not just the mayor….

mayorjanicejackson@gmail.com mayor Janice Jackson
councillormatt@gmail.com Matt Jackson
paulwmckenzie@bmts.com Paul McKenzie
vanamark@eastlink.ca Ana Vukovic

And deputy mayor Jay Kirkland who hasn’t email, has a cell phone. Text him! (edit- he has an email jaybeck@bellnet.ca)

Copy your letter to


If you have images of the habitat destruction, attach those too!

If this bulldozing isn’t stopped the plovers and the long term health of the beach are in peril.

Photo taken after the beach raking in August 2017.
Photo taken after the beach raking in August 2017.


More MNRF contacts


Hon. Nathalie Des Rosiers | Minister | 416-314-2301 | minister.mnrf@ontario.ca

Bill Thornton | Deputy Minister | 416-314-2150 | bill.thornton@ontario.ca


Shawn Carey | District Manager | Southern District 704-725-7561 | shawn.carey@ontario.ca

Owen Sound Field Office

Tracy Allison | Resources Management Supervisor | 519-371-6751 | tracy.allison@ontario.ca

Kathy Dodge | Management Biologist | 519-371-8422 | kathy.dodge@ontario.ca

Jody Scheifley | Management Biologist | 519-371-8471 | jody.scheifley@ontario.ca

Craig Todd | Partnership Specialist | 519-371-8465 | craig.todd@ontario.ca

Karen Dykxhoorn | Resource Managment Technician | 519-371-8468 | karen.dykxhoorn@ontario.ca