Looking toward a growing forest at the Owen Sound Hospital

A message from NieghbourWoods North:

Hello Tree Friends,
We recently noticed that the death rate of the newly planted hospital seedlings is at about 30%, despite your heroic efforts. Consequently, we are going to step up our collective efforts to save these trees, by scheduling a weekly watering every Thursday at 7pm, until the end of August.

1. Please, do not feel you have to commit to any of this. We all have our own interests and personal schedules. But, the consistency of a weekly watering will help those who are interested to plan ahead.
2. If in a given week, we only get a minimum number of helpers, then that is OK. We will only do what we can and we will always finish by 8:30pm
3. If we get a wet week and we don’t need to water the trees, we can mulch and use whipper snippers ( weed whackers ) to cut back the encroaching long grass. If you have such a device, then please consider bringing it this week.
4. For those interested, we will always meet in the Mudtown Station for a refreshments by 8:45pm. Let’s try and also turn this into a bit of a social event.

We know, that in years to come, we will all look back at this growing forest with a great deal of pride. But, in the meantime………….phew….. ..it’s a lot of work. ????

Lloyd and Gord
NeighbourWoods North

PS……Check out our new website www.neighbourwoodsnorth.com