Broad-winged Hawkwatch

A message from Tim McCarthy, who is trying to rally birdwatchers to search for Broad-winged Hawks:

“Hello to all birders
Here is a follow-up to the recruitment message I sent out last week not just to you but to every Nature Club I could find. If you would like to come out and observe somewhere on the line on my map (download attachment “Linear Hawkwatch Handbook”) Sept.17 or 18 or wherever you are any morning or afternoon during the month of September we need your input to find out where the Broadwinged Hawks are going. You can watch for them as much or as little as you like but if you spot any please let me know or even better, inform Ontbirds as well at

Please advise how many Broadwinged Hawks you see , their flight pattern (i.e.kettle, ridgeline or whatever) the wind direction (where it was coming from) direction the birds were heading and whether they were high or low. we need all the help we can get as Broadwinged Hawks were almost totally lacking over High Park last fall although the overall population if anything, was up slightly from the year before. Social Media have made it easier than ever before so please get your eyes in the sky and lets hear from you.

Happy Hawking,
Tim Mccarthy