Birding at Bayview Escarpment, May 15th

As of May 11th there’s still room to register! Contact Mark Wiercinski, or 519-379-0437

A message from Mark:

“Hello All

I tried and got frustrated trying to figure out how to make a map on google or any other sites … I guess I am showing my age and impatience … anyway .. end result is I didn’t get it figured. If any of you folks who are coming on the hike know how to do it .. please feel free to wizard one up and share it in a reply all! I can get a lat/long or a UTM co-ordinate for you if that works for anyone! Otherwise here is the old school long form of written directions …. I apologize ahead of time for my ineptitude in using google maps .. I normally just use my GPS and follow it.

So I will describe two ways .. coming from Owen Sound and then coming from Meaford. It is simple enough so I will try not to muddle it up …

Driving Directions

From Owen Sound. Head east on Highway #26 .. and go through Woodford and then watch for the turn left on to the old town line or the 13 th line .. I can’t remember the road name on the road sign. You will know it is the right place because it is at a slight curve in the highway in the shadow of a big communication tower. That road is paved to start and then converts to gravel a couple of km’s north of highway. Drive straight north on it until you have to turn left. Stop there .. there should be parking there and you should see me and my small black ford pick up truck. Boom ! you are there. It shouldn’t take very long .. maybe 15 to 20 minutes??

From Meaford. Head west on highway #26 … go up big long hill and past twin creek organic . As you see the organic farm get ready to see the same road north as in above directions .. old town line or the 13th line. Again you will know you are in the right spot by see the big comms tower and it is on the curve of the highway .. one of the only curves on that highway … go right (or north ) .. it stays straight .. maybe 4 kms or so ? it goes from paved road to gravel road and as it gets into the forested area and truns to the left .. stop .. you are there. Insto presto. It should only take about 15 to 20 minutes to get there from downtown Meaford.

By the way if you google Bayview Escarpment Prov Park .. it gives you directions to the wrong spot .. or at least a spot on the 11th line … that is NOT where we will meet.

If that is too confusing or not helping you .. feel free to contact me again and I will do a better job of describing it.

My cell phone number is published on the hike notice or here it is again .. 519-379-0437 .. you can call me that morning or text me .. or I can try and do a pin drop or something .. it is an iPhone ,… there must some whiz bang thing I can do to get directions out.

What to Bring

The weather forecast is a mess. Cooler and a wind from the west .. and maybe some precipitation. And this morning the weather network even predicted potential snow ! But there is nothing we can do about that .. so unless a tornado strikes .. I will be there at 8:00 AM and ready to go when we all converge. I would suggest good footwear .. and layers according to weather .. a snack and maybe a bit of water or something .. but I don’t anticipate stopping for a meal or anything.

Most importantly .. bring your binoculars, a field guide is handy but not necessary .. I am the field guide for the morning … a camera maybe .. but again not necessary .. and curiosity .. that is it. If the birds aren’t calling the flowers will be blooming .. so we will have lots to see and hopefully hear.


I encourage you to ask lots questions and I also encourage you to car pool .. I know one participant was keen to catch a ride from Owen Sound – Melanee Worth .. I asked and she said it was fine to post her name here.

So if I missed anything or you still have questions or concerns .. fire off the questions and I will answer as I can. I really don’t mind .. the more questions the better.

Enjoy the spring